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How To Solve Adobe Flash Player Crashing in Chrome or Mozilla?

Adobe Flash player allows a person to view audio, video and other multimedia apps on a system. It can be downloaded on various web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. Some users experience Adobe crash or hang sometimes and don’t know the way to troubleshoot this problem. This is really a complex situation but the following list may aid you to resolve this issue.

If Adobe Flash player is crashing on Google Chrome, then do the following:

  • 1. Update Chrome- If an update is available for Google Chrome then update it right now. To check the same, click on menu, Help and select About Google Chrome. Doing this will open a new window which will diagnose for new updates and start downloading if found any.
  • 2. Deactivate all extensions- Type “about:extensions” into the address bar of the browser and hit Enter. A list of all the plugins will appear to you. Uncheck them all and check if the issue is resolved.
  • 3. Update drivers- If the problem still continues, the cause might be an outdated driver. Confirm that you are using latest graphic card drivers installed into the system.
  • 4. Open in another browser- If none of the above method vanishes your problem, then try a different browser to view the same site.
  • The run option must again be prompted when the internet explorer box is ought to be clicked.

If Adobe Flash player is crashing while using Mozilla Firefox, then do the following:

  • 1. Check if Flash Player is up to date. If it is outdated then it may encounter crashes or hands that will be resolved in a new version. Therefore, if the version you are using is outdated then visit Adobe website and download the latest updates on Mozilla’s website.
  • If the accessibility is positive, it will indicate “Update is available.”
  • You would see that the updates are being downloaded in the background. As the downloading is fulfilled, an indication might occur stating “Close programs in use.” Keep trying by clicking on retry.
  • 2. Type about:addons in the address bar and hit Enter key to check all the plugins installed. Navigate to Shockwave Flash and switch to Ask to Activate form Always Activate. Do the same for all plugins.
  • 3. To whitelist the specific sites on Mozilla do the following:
    • Hit Alt key and go to Tools.
    • Select Page Info from the list that opens and navigate to Permissions section.
    • Now, click Activate Plugins Adobe Flash and change “Allow” from “Use Default”.
    • This will permit the site to run Adobe Flash player automatically whenever it is needed.

The above given solution may not work for all. Therefore, you need to try on a different browser. Some browsers come with its own native Flash version, so you might not get the crashing issue. However, Adobe Support UK is always here for the customers to help them under any circumstances. Take help from the experts, in case you are not able to rectify the issue on your own.

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