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How to make 11X17 document in Adobe

Do you know what the normal size for posters or flyers is? It is 11X17, although, the size is similar or equivalent to two standard 8.5X11 inch pages which can also be utilizes to create booklet or folded brochure. In Adobe tools, you can create and design your own masterpiece with the help of ImageReady, InDesign and Photoshop.

Let Us Learn How To Create A 11X17 Document In These Three Tools-


a. Open Adobe ImageReady. Now go to File and from the main menu select New. Now you will see a New document dialog box.

b. Go to the Image Size option and choose the box available near Width. You can change the pixel number with '1100' and for height enter '1700' in the box. For opening the document in the landscape mode you just need to swap these numbers.

c. When you are done with the blank document display in ImageReady then click OK. You will get a document of size 11X17 inch page.


a. Open the Adobe InDesign. For getting a New Document box, first click on File option and then go to New and select Document.

b. Now go to Page Size section.

c. For adjusting the Width and Height- use 'Up' arrow in the drop down lists to 11 and 17. For landscape mode you can modify the page adjustments in reverse.

d. Open a new document and select OK for saving the settings.

Adobe Photoshop-

a. Access the Adobe Photoshop. Choose File option and then select New from the main menu appeared in the New dialog box.

b. Next to Width and Height open the drop down boxes and choose the 'inches' for each.

c. In the width column type '11' while in height box type '17'. You can do vice versa if you want to make a new file to appear in landscape mode in that size only.

d. You can start with your new file in Photoshop after tapping OK to save your settings.

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