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How Can A Creative Cloud Subscription Be Cancelled In An Adobe Account?

Are using subscriptions for your Adobe Account and now wish to cancel them? Are you not able to cancel the subscription which you do not require now? This blog provides exactly the same info you are seeking for. Adobe Support UK helps you with the best solutions to solve your issues. Any subscription related issue or other problems faced by customers while accessing their Adobe Account are tackled by the experts with the easiest and simple solutions. Just follow these quick steps and talk to experts if any trouble comes your way.

Step To Cancel A Subscription:

  • Log in to your Adobe ID Account using Adobe ID and password.
  • For the plan subscription required to be cancelled select Manage Plan under Plans & Products.
  • Select Cancel Plan button under Plan details.
  • On the appeared screen provide a valid reason for cancelling the subscription and click Continue.
  • Here you will get three options: Keep your Plan, Continue with the cancellation, or chat with the customer support.
  • An email confirmation will be prompted to confirm the cancellation.

Note: If you wish to start a new Creative Cloud plan you can visit its page or if you want purchase from a seller other than Adobe like Amazon, iTunes Best Buy etc. contact the seller for guidance.

After Cancelling The Subscription Use Your Free Benefits:

  • You can continue to have access to a Free Creative Cloud membership even after cancelling the subscription. If the work is saved on your system, access those files freely on your device. You’ll just loose the access to Creative Cloud Application and services which were part of Plan subscription. Now the Cloud storage provided for you will be reduced to 2GB.

If You Want To Know About The Refunds:

  • If it is Annual Subscription (prepaid) and you cancel your order before 14 days you will get full refund. But no refund will be provided if you cross 14 days and then cancel your order, services will continue till the end of contracted term.
  • If the subscription is month-to-month then you will get full refund of cancelling the order within 14 days. Otherwise refund is not provided if you cancel after 14days and service will keep going until the end that month’s billing period.
  • If the subscription is Annual (paid monthly) you will receive a full refund if it is cancelled within 14days. If 14days have passed and you cancel it now then service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period and also you’ll be charged 50% termination fee of the remaining contract.

For further details or query contact Adobe Customer Support Number. The team provides you the necessary info and solution to your problem within short time duration. You issues are tackled with the latest technology by the highly experienced technicians. Feel free to ask any issue and get them fix instantly.

Adobe Issues:

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  • Flash player having issues with Windows 7, 8, 10 and so on.
  • Video loading issues.
  • Adobe software installation and updation issues.
  • Adobe flash player is crashing.
  • Not able to export PDF to MS Office, Excel.
  • Inaccessibility of PDF reader.
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